About Us

At Always There Designs, we create entirely handmade jewelry featuring fun and inspirational sayings, designs, and images to help inspire the wearer. Our goal is to allow you to carry what you love, whether it is the shape of your favorite state, an image that reminds you of your family, or a saying that inspires you, with you wherever you go. Using traditional metalsmithing techniques as well as modern approaches to age-old methods, we handcraft each piece of jewelry ourselves from start to finish in our Missoula, MT, studio, beginning with sheet metal and ending with hand polishing your new piece.

Always There Designs consists of the husband and wife team of Ann McIntosh and Jon Putnam.  Since our start in 2011, every piece we have ever created has been made by us from start to finish.


We have curated a selection of our items to be available for wholesale to retail stores, including our best-selling state jewelry. Currently, we have our work offered around the United States in gift shops, boutiques, galleries, salons, coffee shops, airports, and online boutiques, to name a few! We are always looking for new stores interested in becoming retailers. Specializing in working with other small businesses, we offer low minimums and quick turnaround times to make sure you always have the inventory you need. All of our items are carefully crafted in our Missoula, Montana, studio using only the best quality materials we can get our hands on, so we know that every piece that leaves our studio is a work of art, regardless of price point. Our affordable line of fun and inspirational jewelry and accessories makes for wonderful gift items, while our higher-end pieces offer a beautiful selection for those with discerning tastes. There really is something for everyone! We are also always adding new items to our catalog so you can keep your inventory fresh for your customers.


Need to contact us?  Send an email to wholesale@alwaystheredesigns.com and we'll get back to you shortly.